Massage your way to better sleep

In this article we discuss how to get a better night sleep. We live in a high tech world where we are addicted to our mobile phones, social media, alcohol & caffeine. This lifestyle is affecting one of the most important things to human health - SLEEP. It is estimated that nearly a quarter of Australian adults don't get enough sleep. Proper sleep allows our mind & body to recharge & stay healthy. This insufficient sleep epidemic may result in chronic disease such as hypertension, depression, anxiety, obesity, lower life span & poor quality of life. We all understand the physical benefits of massage, however being touched in a therapeutic way itself has many other benefits. One is helping with sleep, especially deep REM sleep that helps the body rebuild & repair. At Wollongong Oncology Massage Therapy we have the perfect massage treatment to help induce a restful nights sleep.

1) HIMALAYAN HOT SALT STONE MASSAGE: The benefits of salt therapy are wide ranging, which brings us to our unique massage. What makes it different from other Hot Stone Massage? Himalayan salt emit negative ions which aid in decreasing inflammation caused by to many positive ions in the body. We are surrounded by positive ions by computers and mobile phones, these can suppress our immune system which may cause headaches, migraines, fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration and lack of energy. The 84 naturally occurring minerals in the Himalayan Salt help to balance the positive ions with negative ions. Blood & lymph flow are stimulated to increase the detoxification process and the mineral salt rocks give the skin a gentle exfoliation & promotion of pure relaxation.

2) POULTICE BODY MASSAGE. Poultices date back 5000 years & are an Ayurvedic medicine concept. The feeling of heat being pressed on the skin instantly induces inner calm & relaxation. Herbal poultices are heated in a steamer prior to massage, this allows the aromas of the herbs to be released. A warm herbal poultice massage incorporates gentle touch massage & light pounding to create a deeply relaxing massage. This whole body massage will release tension to help you feel better & sleep more soundly. In our wonderful Healing Centre we have many options to help with stress reduction & improved sleep. Besides offering amazing body treatments to achieve deep sleep, we can also offer home care advice & the use of essential oils. As well as meditation, yoga & diet to improve your sleep.

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