"Oncology Massage makes cancer suck less"

Have you been diagnosed with cancer, have a history of cancer or other traumatic illness or degenerative disease?

Oncology Massage will safely address the needs of a cancer patient, with a specialized therapist who understands the science and pays close attention to the physical, emotional and psychological needs that you may have during diagnosis, treatment, recovery, survivor ship or palliative care.

Oncology Massage or OM is a gentle light touch massage that is comforting. OM is mindful, focused and deeply relaxing. It is a beautiful time-out for everyone.

Oncology massage is proven to:

  • Reduce pain by 47%

  •  Anxiety improves by 59%

  • Nausea improves by 51%

  •  Depression improved by 48%

  •  Sleeplessness associated with cancer and other symptoms including memory problems improved by 48%

Re-connect with yourself and your body, with this safe, gentle and effective massage. 

Louise is a fully Qualified Remedial Oncology Massage & Beauty Therapist, able to give you all the support you may need and offer a unique treatment just for you.

Health fund rebates and HICAPS available.

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