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Integrated Oncology Beauty Therapy

Is the missing link between Medicine and Beauty

 Integrated Oncology Beauty Therapy is customized skin care treatments for people living with Cancer or has a history of cancer.

Integrated Oncology Beauty Therapy focuses on the whole person – Mind, Body, Spirit and takes into consideration the unique needs of each cancer patient and tailor your beauty or massage treatment accordingly.

Most Chemotherapy drugs block activity or ability of cells to divide or grow. The effects are not limited to cancer cells but normal growing and dividing cells leading to dermatological side effects and an Immune system severely suppressed causing higher risk infection.

Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments often suffer visible and painful side effects on their skin. The treatments, while killing Cancer cells also affect healthy cells including the skin and nails. Patients can suffer from varying degrees of hair loss, rashes, dry skin, peeling, blisters, swelling and loss of feelings.

With the numerous skin related effects from cancer treatments, Integrated Oncology Beauty Therapy can provide great benefits such as easing symptoms and skin reactions, improving skin and overall health.

From facial skin treatments to hand, foot and scalp massages, each session aims to nourish the skin. The massage needs to be tailored depending on node removal and type of treatment. Services have shown to increase to production of endorphins which in turn reduce stress levels and aid in pain management.

What can Oncology Skin care do for you?

Skin Care therapy refers to a range of specialized treatments that use specifically formulated products that are safe for compromised skin. Together they will nurture and strengthen your skin, bring it back to a more comfortable and balance state.

During & After Skin Care Therapy

Louise will analyse your skin to determine the health and hydration levels and discuss any concerns, you may have. As your skin care therapy treatment is being performed, feel free to talk, ask questions, listen to the music, rest your eyes or sleep. You will leave with a better understanding of how to hydrate, nourish and protect your skin.

Our goal is to provide you with a measure of Comfort, Compassion and Care. As we walk with you on your journey, we will guide and educate you while we treat the changes and challenges that occur in your Skin, Hair, Scalp and Nails.

Skin Care Therapy Important Facts.

Illness, medical treatments and medications can all deplete the skin of essential nutrients, leaving it dry, uncomfortable and irritated.

People living with Cancer often have a difficult time adjusting to the physical and emotional side effects of their treatment. When your skin is compromised it needs specific products that are safe and gentle to coax your skin back to health without adding any additional strain and discomfort.

Integrated Oncology Beauty Therapy can complete the circle of care that can be provided to you. We use skin care ingredients and modalities compatible with the physiology of the skin. Our products have no sensitizing or harmful side effects.
We individually adapt skin care products and treatments to patient's bio chemistry and specific skin concerns. 
Skin concerns that we can address:

  • Itchy or Scaling Skin

  • Dry Dehydrated skin

  • Relaxing 

  • Red Tender and Peeling skin

  • Inflamed radiated area

  • Scalp pain or itchiness associated with hair loss

  • Thin Fragile Skin

  • Dry Cracked and peeling cuticles

  • Increased skin sensitivity

Signature Bliss facial – 50 minutes $ 85

Customized treatment design. Your skins current conditions and needs are treated and your mind can relax. Includes hand & arm Massage.

Hand Foot and Scalp Treatment – 45 minutes $80

Relaxing, stress reducing treatment that combines luxurious oils, foot bath with light exfoliation. Brittle or dry fingernails are bathed in warm oils to strengthen and to finish a massage to the hands, feet and scalp.


Care Givers Treat – 1 hour $85

Choose between a 1 hour massage or a Heavenly facial. The perfect way to say "Thank You" to the people in your life that have been there for you when you needed them the most.

Therapeutic Pedi Treatment – $60

Providing a therapeutic pedicure in aid of the pursuit of health and wellness. A classic spa pedicure addresses appearance and feels great; however, a therapeutic pedicure's emphasis is on correcting specific conditions with benefits that can translate into better health. A therapeutic treatment focuses on the greater need for extra foot care rather than just a feel-good experience.

Complimentary Product Review Consultation (15mins)

Bring in your current products so we can review them for ingredients safety and effectiveness.

We can also recommend products to help meet your specific goals.