Our Mission and

Our Vision

Is to educate you on benefits massage, oncology massage and beauty and lymphoedema. We will provide you with comfort, compassion and care. 

As we walk with you on your cancer journey, we will guide and educate you while we treat the changes that occur in your body, skin, hair, scalp and nails. This is done through nurturing therapeutic light touch massage and specialized oncology beauty services,

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Tranquility Care Massage Therapy is conveniently located in a boutique home clinic in the beautiful area of Batemans Bay, only a short 3 minute drive from the centre of town.

Louise has been working as a massage & beauty therapist for over 30 years and has opened her clinic that specialises in caring for people that are undergoing medical treatments for a life threatening disease, lymphoedema and traditional massage services like remedial and pregnancy massage.

Louise completed her Health Sc Dip (MT) in 2002 and since has had extensive post graduate training so you can have peace of mind that she knows what she is doing.

Over the years she has have been a therapist and educator in both massage and beauty therapy and has supervised many student clinics in both private collages and TAFE NSW.

Louise is fully trained in Oncology Massage, all lymphoedema treatments including, (bandaging, compression garments, exercise and manual lymphatic drainage), laser and scar tissue management, Remedial massage and Pregnancy massage. Her massage passions are integrated oncology therapy, manual lymphatic drainage and caring for you.

Louise is trained in the full spectrum of cancer-related issues: the physical consequences of cancer, the side effects of various treatments, and the psycho-social and emotional consequences. She  will take a detailed health history and work with you to determine how best to tailor the session to suit your needs. Her training included how to work safely around devices such as ports and surgical sites, lymphoedema and decongestive therapies. Louise can also advise the you, your family and carers how to self-manage the side effects.

All her treatments from total body massages,  facial skin treatment to hand, foot and scalp massage aims to nourish and ease symptoms.

For more information contact Louise on 0423 600 415.

 What is Integrated oncology therapies?  It is massage and beauty treatments - facials, pedicures, body treatments modified to ensure a safe outcome for cancer clients and the massage is a specific form of a therapeutic treatment involving gentle pressure techniques, performed by therapists with specialised training, which aims to improve quality of life for people with a diagnosis or history of cancer. While it does not treat cancer itself, it can alleviate the side effects caused by conventional treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Who can benefit? Everyone! Especially anyone who has been treated for cancer, from those in active treatment to recovery or survivor ship. Even clients at the end of life, may benefit from integrated oncology treatments. Patients report many and varied changes after massage.

Medical research also shows that the benefits of oncology massage continue for several days after the massage experience.