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At Wollongong Remedial and Oncology Massage we focus on the whole person - Mind, Body Spirit, and take into consideration the unique needs of each  patient and tailor your massage or beauty treatment just for you.

With slow melting pressure our services have shown to increase the production of endorphin's which in turn:

  • Reduce stress levels 

  • Aid in pain management

  • Ease Nausea, anxiety and depression

  • Relieve sore tender and peeling skin

  • Increase relaxation response

  • A state of deep peace and relaxation is the ultimate goal of our treatments.

My treatments work because they stimulate the sensory nerve receptors in the deepest layer of fascia in our bodies which then boosts the production of hormones, the result is a wonderful feeling of wellbeing and bliss.

Why choose Louise?

I have been a massage & beauty practitioner in Wollongong since 1988. In that time I have treated a variety of people with many different skin concerns to people that have chronic pain and stress as well as those who just want to be pampered. After all these years I am utilising all my training and experience to specialise in Lymphoedema Treatments, MLD, Oncology Massage and nurturing Beauty Treatments.

So if you are suffering from pain, lymphoedema, dry dehydrated skin, tender or brittle nails, sore scalp or scalp pain, discomfort, depression or anxiety give me a call for further information or book you appointment online

Happiness is not a destination, but the journey.

Dealing with cancer is both a destination and journey.

Medicine focuses on the quality of the destination.

Oncology Massage focuses on the quality of the journey.

(OM training)